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Psalm 133 to dwell in unity! Ephesians 4:3, 4:13 unity of the faith. Matt 18:20 if 2 or more gather in my name..

Isa 1:18 Come let us reason together. Amos 3:3 do two walk together unless they agree?

So much can be written and said about the subject of unity. After all – at your workplace it is a common clarion call, together we can make it. Together we can reach our goals.

At home it is so much more acute when there is no unity, but even so more enabling when there is. There are plans for the future that can be attained in unity, college funds, and growing the family.

Unity among Christians: I really believe as we get closer to the end of the time of the church – or the time of the Christians, unity within believers and followers of Christ will become all the more important.

The true church will stand up for there will be no other alternative.

I really believe it is the one on one brand of Christian unity that is prevailing today. The person to person brand so what’s revealed is the actual changing power of Christ. I really believe it will become actually a requirement if we are ever to finish this walk in Christianity at all… We have to recall – the first church we’re home based and underground due to persecution. We are witnessing here in the west persecution so far is cultural and intellectual, but elsewhere in the world people are dying for their Christianity.

This modern age we live in creates even more isolation via various media constantly aiming for our attention and distraction. Yes we are all connected, but not person to person… Our connected does allow us to share experiences together though… One to one, the ‘ah ha’ moments you are not alone in your feelings or struggles.

It is the friends and family around you who define you, they are the ones who will affirm your world view. Be it for ill or well, it’s the way we attract ‘like for like’.

The unity in the Bible:

It is the authoritative book of life and death. It is given by the author of life to the living to keep them living - forever. A great teacher I know once coined the bible in one line God saying: ‘I want fellowship with you, ‘I want to reason with you’. ‘I want to walk with you’.

Unity in prayer with God and seeking HIS will. Unity among Christians fulfilling the great commandment, love one another as Christ loved the church. What a beautiful illumination in Psalm 133! Oh how precious it is for brothers to dwell in unity… God honors unity. God wants us united in Jesus Christ.

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