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Our Mission Statement


Heavenly Father, We're Praying

Our Mission is to raise seed money and orchestrate events for youth and all americans plus Global
through our Church we're looking to build. This Church wants to provide counseling, opportunities, food,
higher learning, shelter, and give young adults and all americans plus global with hope through the Gospel.
You can help us give long term solutions to thousands for a prosperous life in Jesus Christ.

We plan on achieving our goal by building a community brought together under the teachings of Jesus Christ
delivered by our Pastor I. Ryan Garcia plus other great Pastors, Ministers, Youth Leaders, and
Inspirational Mentors through Kingdom Shield Of Faith.
Visit us at http://www.kingdomshieldoffaith.org

Providing for the Body and Soul:

Through providing support and guidance to all american's then global ensuring them a bright future
through The Gospel, and change their lives. We will passionately fight until every american plus global
that are trapped in darkness are brought into the light through Love back into their homes, and families as well.



For those that take the time to Visit Us. Thank You

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Trinity Crafts' Prism

For videos, visit www.kingdomshieldoffaith.org
For all other inquiries, email Hanco Rabie at TrinityCraftsInc@gmail.com
Instagram @ekishanco @brandoncfornes
“For those who have not yet experienced the pleasure and joy of partaking
of the Lord in this way, you are in for the treat of your life. I believe this is the most important aspect
of our Christian faith, and sadly, the most missed experience for those who call themselves Christian.”

A Little More About Us

Kingdom Shield of Faith is a 501(c)3 non-profit
plus a 509(a)2 public charity Christian Ministry founded by Pastor and Marine Corps Veteran I. Ryan Garcia,
inspired by visions he received from the Lord. Headquartered in New Jersey, our community of dedicated
men and women that are working to help american's then global for all generations to find purpose and be successful.

Bringing a message of hope to those hurting; plus bring life changing truths to those all over this dark world.
Blessings to you and yours and we thank you for taking the time to learn more about our ministry. We hope this
provides you with a brief outlook of what we are looking to accomplish at the behest of our Lord and Savior!
As it says in James 1:22 we are called to be ;Doers of the word, not merely hearers”, that is at the core
of our belief, not just to preach a message but to BE the message; to minister to those at home first and then
to those around the world. Our desire is to go from state to state bringing a message of hope to a lost and
hurting world. We desire to bring life changing truth to those all over the country and the world.


Kingdom Shield of Faith
1385 HWY 35 Suite 204
Middletown, New Jersey USA

Main: 848-888-2200
Cell: 848-888-2200

Founder / Marine Corps Veteran / Minister / Pastor - I. Ryan Garcia

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Military Families

Help support our Military/Veterans/Families
Taps.org | rememberingourfallen.org | campcorral.org


Help with efforts for our Seniors/Abused, and their families for the long life and sacrifices they go through. Helping always.

Americans / Global

Help us reach out nationally, and internationally as we support those going through times of need, and trial.

Kingdom Shield of Faith Youth

Youth inspired by the Holy Word of Jesus Christ for all 14 - 21 to teach other Youth throughout the World.


This could happen to anyone of us that end up going through rough times in our lives that will affect what we do plus we could lose our home plus being abused.

Higher Learning with The Holy Bible plus help through our Ministers/Pastors/Reverends

Anyone that comes to Kingdom Shield of Faith